Catching Fire

Has anyone else read this yet?  I just finished and really want to talk about it with someone, because I’m not sure what I think.  I enjoyed it, but have reservations.  And contrary to what I’ve seen in other reviews, I liked the first half better than the second.


2 responses to “Catching Fire

  1. I finished this yesterday! (Thanks to Mordicai & Ryan.) I very much enjoyed it, but I’d agree with your assessment – liking the first half better than the second – I think mostly because I completely didn’t expect the second half? I was as surprised as the characters when the Quarter Quell card was read, and not in the ‘oh no! the horror!’ but more in the, ‘Really? you’re going to do that? again?’ kind of way. But it kept me as engaged as the first book, so no real complaints.

    • Right, I didn’t expect the second half because I didn’t imagine she would go there. And so even if I think it was well-written, it was still kind of disappointing.

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