Day 1: SLJ’s Day of Dialog

Is it cheating if I say my favorite part about today was that it was held within walking distance of my house?  I never get to experience the smugness of some of my Manhattan friends who always get to enjoy that pleasure (even though I am pretty full of smug-love for my neighborhood), but I certainly took advantage of it today.  I took a long lunch (after stealing one of the prepared box lunches) back at my apartment and used the time to intricately plot out my next couple of days.  I get better at BEA every time I go, even though every time I go it rains.  But! I was very happy that a few of the ARCs I picked up today were on my big master list, and have been checked off and don’t need to be carted home from the Javits Center.  I even started one, “Once Was Lost” by Sarah Zarr while I got a pedicure this afternoon.  I wish every afternoon was so laid back (not that anything by Sarah Zarr should be characterized as laid back).

Seven books so far, and I was mostly as picky as I think I need to be.  A few I knew I wanted to grab, and a few others whose covers or authors or editors seduced me.

I’m looking forward to tomorrow, and think I share enough interests with enough of the people I know who are going that I’ll have partners in crime for a good chunk of the day.  It’s a shame that I’m really not doing much YA reader’s advisory these days (and I wish I could forget about the Hacidic mother with a picky 16-year-old at home who won’t read anything with romance, or violence, or fantasy in it) so I can’t even pretend this is for anything other than my own personal interest.  Even though now that I’m supervising the Teen Central staff I can still claim a little bit of YA cred for myself.


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