BEA: Saturday

Had a fun but strange day at BEA yesterday.  Got there a little after ten to go the panel on Alternate Histories with Scott Westerfeld, Cassandra Clare, and Holly Black, and was nicely surprised to see that someone I work with was moderating it.  Then wandered around a bit with Marie, meeting up with a bunch of other YA authors she knows for lunch (where major topics of conversation were DnD alignments, animal sex, and the closing of Donnell).  Continued to get a bunch of exciting galleys, and then very randomly ran into an old friend I haven’t seen in years who is in no way involved with books but had been smuggled in by his high school prom date who he’d just gotten back into contact with.  He was happy to follow me around for the bulk of the afternoon while we caught up.

But the strangest thing about this year’s BEA is that my job is hardly about books and programming these days, but I did the most “networking” of any year I’ve been.  I met and kept running into a publicist who was doing an author program at my branch yesterday, I talked and talked about good kissing scenes (holding up the line for Lips Touch: Three Times to talk to the author and her husband the illustrator about how excited I had become about the book since briefly being introduced to them the day before, it’s all about the tension of not being able to kiss!)  And then there was that strange lunch and a really awesome program that I think will come of it.

But really, I’m just excited about the books.


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