BEA: Friday

The day started off strong, meeting up with Marie to wait in line to get a copy of Catching Fire (who introduced me to Possibilities of Sainthood author Donna Freitas and said that she is a master of writing first-kiss scenes, which means that maybe I should scoot my copy of that higher up my pile) and snagging Shiver at the same time.  Budget cutbacks mean that there isn’t so much stuff at BEA, which is probably for the best because I am easily distracted by shiny things that I do not need in my house, not at all.  There are also a lot fewer galleys to go around, but I think the quality of what’s there more than makes up for it.  I was hilariously, dorkily organized, but I think at least Marie appreciated it.

I also accidentally gushed at Melissa Marr a little bit, but I did just finish Fragile Eternity, so maybe my excitement was too close to the surface.  I think I’ve always managed to keep that tendency in check; even while in the thick of my Nick Hornby love I smiled, thanked him, and moved on.

And, while I obviously love fantasy and the speculative fiction side of sci-fi, I don’t think it was entirely that bias that led to this stack of books, I think it’s a lot of what’s really being pushed for the fall.  Though, there are a few adult books and a few realistic fiction books on my list to track down tomorrow.


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