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Challenge: New Year, New Sun

For the last few years, my husband has been trying to get anyone who will listen to him to read Gene Wolfe.  I never have, in large part because I like to be contrary.  Also, he was never able to make his books seem interesting to me.  But a bandwagon?  I can be convinced to jump on those.

I’m about halfway through the first book, The Shadow of the Torturer, and am wondering why I felt so intimidated by these for so long.  Yes, there are a lot of big (antiquated) words I don’t understand, but I don’t feel as if I need to understand their every nuance.  Context is king.

I was also worried for a bit that I’d have to live through lots of women being tortured.  Luckily, there were only two.  And the episodes were brief and not that explicit.

I don’t have an Opinion about the series yet (there are four books, in two omnibus editions, plus a “sequel” I think?) but I’m neither bored nor overwhelmed.  Mordicai likes things about books that I don’t, but there is enough here besides those things for me to enjoy as well.

Disclaimer: My husband works for the company who publishes these books, but I don’t know that anyone there is even aware he’s doing it.  It’s really born from an obsessive love of Gene Wolfe.