My last few months in reading

What have I been reading lately?  Well, some adult non-fiction like Danny Meyer’s Setting the Table and Quiverfull, a book about the Christian Patriarchy and Biblical Womanhood movements.  And some YA fiction, of course.  The real standout of which was Jellicoe Road.  I loved it enough that I don’t even hate it for beating Tender Morsels for the Printz.  I also read, but don’t think I wrote about, Ink Exchange.  And now I’ve just started Fragile Eternity, Mellisa Marr’s third urban faerie book.  I also enjoyed Fire, the follow up to Graceling.  Though I didn’t want to get married and have babies with it as much.  And I just finished Tap and Gown, the last book in the Secret Society Girl Series.  But BEA’s this week, and even though everyone is broke and trotting out backlist titles to promote, I’m still looking forward to it.  Going to the Editor’s Buzz panels is always a mixed bag, but I’ve found a lot of wonderful books that way that I otherwise would have completely missed.  I won’t complain about free books.  And hopefully it will get me fully back into the swing of readerly things.


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