Review: Elsewhere

Elsewhere – Gabrielle Zevin

Oh man, am I behind on reviews. I am going to attempt to churn some out today, so forgive me if I fail to give each book its due. I’ve been stuck on Elsewhere for awhile, because I did like it and was moved by it, but it took me awhile to get there. It’s hard to care about a dead character who’s having trouble acclimating to the afterlife. She’s bored and depressed and feels cheated and doesn’t do much. But she’s generally likable, so that helps pull the reader along during the rough parts. There are loads of interesting characters, who react to being dead in novel-seeming ways; the story really picks up once Liz starts letting them in. There is a really powerful emotional arc, and the end is very satisfying.

I have genuine affection for this book, and was able on Saturday to get a teenage girl to check out Memoirs of a Teenage Amnesiac (which I read and really liked a few years ago) because she had also liked this book. So..faint praise, but a genuinely touching book about making your place in the “world.”


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