Review: That Pretty Pretty; Or, the Rape Play

Yes, a review of a play and not a book.  But this seemed like a good place for it, especially after my last review on Margo Lanagan and how I’d very much like to take her to see this play.  I went to see it with my husband because we know one of the actors in it, but I went having no idea what it was about.  How could I have guessed that it would be about two of my favorite feminist topics: the conflation of matrydom with strength and the male gaze.

This is a really difficult play (two people got up and walked out!) but I also laughed pretty consistently throughout.  It takes almost the entire play to figure out exactly what’s going on through all the layers of meta-narrative.  But because it’s so weird and funny (and I would say sexy but in the context of my relationship to the performer I knew that would be weird) you’re willing to go along with it.

So why am I writing about this here?  Maybe someone living in New York who loved Tender Morsels or knows of an older teen who did and wants to take them to see this.  Or anyone who isn’t squeamish about their intellectual ideas, because there is violence and rape and if you’re not laughing at it, you’re missing out.

Ticket prices vary, but use “FACE15” to get $15 preview tickets.


One response to “Review: That Pretty Pretty; Or, the Rape Play

  1. Also, it shows through the middle of March! Apparently, that is not that unusual for a real play.

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