Review: Scott Pilgrim

Scott Pilgrim Vols 1-4 – Bryan Lee O’Malley

Scott Pilgram is tough, for a guy from Canada.  But if he wants to date Ramona he’s going to have to take out all of her evil ex-boyfriends first.  And they’ve got superpowers.

I read the first volume of this awhile ago and liked it fine, which meant everyone around me thought I was crazy because liking it fine isn’t how you’re supposed to feel about Scott Pilgrim.  With the movie eventually coming out, and the intense love all of my friends have for this, I thought I should give it another shot.  And I enjoyed it a lot more this time around.  It’s silly and sarcastic and breaks down the fourth wall to pretend it’s a videogame a lot.  Scott is equally appealing and appalling, definitely the kind of manchild the media loves to rage about so much these days.

The fifth volume is just now available.


One response to “Review: Scott Pilgrim

  1. I mean, it really is just so much dang FUN.

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