Review: White Time

White Time – Margo Lanagan

Tender Morsels was Lanagan’s first novel published in the US (which makes a lot more sense than it being her first-first novel), but there are also 3 collections of short stories available here.  I think this is the oldest, but it was only released after the success of another.  It took me a second to get into it, to get used to the feeling of being completely lost as each new story began.  Some take place in the future, some in an imaginary past, some in worlds like ours but not quite, one takes place in an ant colony.  I enjoyed them all, some more for their plots and some, like “Tell and Kiss” and “Wealth,” more for how conceptually sophisticated they were. Unsurprisingly, these aren’t happy stories or snapshot of a life stories and they often end with a feeling of unease.  But there is always a sense that life will go on, even if just because we have no other choice.

Like with Tender Morsels, there isn’t anything about this book that screams YA, other than some of the stories having teen protagonists.  Some of her earlier novels seem much more typically YA oriented and I’d love to see how they’re different.  I’ve bought her other two collections but am waiting on them.


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