Review: President’s Daughter

The President’s Daughter – Ellen Emerson White

Meg’s grown accustomed to her Mom being a senator and being away for most of the week, but now she’s running for president and now everything is changing.

This was originally published in the 80’s (I think) and last year was republished when a fourth book in the series came out.  It was “updated” with current references which was done pretty seamlessly, but I’m not sure how much was changed.  If it was just a cellphone reference here and there, or if any of the plot was adjusted as well.  Because I personally can’t imagine this book having come out at a more perfect time.  Most of the first half is devoted to a heated primary race that ends with a brokered convention.  The minutae of it wouldn’t seem that interesting except that America just spent the last year being fascinated by this stuff.  Despite the current references, there is still something old-fashioned about the writing.  It’s not bad, just kind of dorky.  I think the affection that so many people have for this book, and why adult women like to reread it, isn’t because it’s a great book, but because maybe it was in its time and by not talking down to the reader and it’s held up well.  The characters, especially teenage Meg and her Mother, the new president, are really well done.


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