My week in books

Had sort of a bookish week.  Inspired in part by the New York Times article on how awful book clubs can be, I asked some of my friends if they’d be interested in forming one of our own and the reaction was pretty positive.  I’ll start thinking about that once Christmas is over.  And then on Friday I met with Frank Anthony Polito, Band Fags author, for a cup of coffee.  He was there editing his follow-up novel.  Hopefully this character will be a bit nicer about lesbians.  Then I headed to the Flat Iron building for the Henry Holt Thomas Dunn Christmas party, (over) dressed to the nines thanks to Meryl, to meet all of my husband’s new coworkers.  I squeezed a whole night’s worth of fun into a few hours (and paid for it the next day at work) so that we could go home to meet up with a houseguest who ended up staying with someone else.

And I’m currently in the middle of half a dozen different books, some will eventually be finished and some I fear, never will.  But one of them is a jewel, maybe one of my favorite books ever.  Anyone who’s up on YA lit has heard of it (or one of my many friends I’ve been telling about it) and I think it’s made a bunch of “Best of 2008” lists.  My own “Best” list will come soon, but will be a list of all the best books I read this year.  With no regard to publication date or age-level or anything.  That’s how I like to roll.


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