Review: Vibes

Vibes – Amy Kathleen Ryan

The thing I don’t enjoy about most books with a psychic character is that the plot often hinges on that character not believing in herself or what she’s seeing, that terrible thing happens, and then the character learns to finally trust herself.  Kristi, this misanthropic high schooler at the center of this book has the opposite problem.  She puts so much stock in the “vibes” she’s picking up, that she doesn’t question when what she’s hearing doesn’t go along with what other people can clearly see.  She’s funny and smart and might have more friends if she didn’t spend all day listening to thoughts about how big her boobs are and what types of food they would look hot covered in.

There’s a new boy who likes her, a school project about personal growth which forces her to confront some unfinished business with the most popular boy at school, and her prodigal father has returned from Africa but he’s not trying hard enough.

I enjoyed this book a lot.  Even the seemingly awful characters are given their due and Kristi’s journey from thinking she knows everything about everything and she doesn’t need anybody, to beginning to open up and stop making so many assumptions about the world and people around her, is believable and natural.  I liked her at the beginning of the book, but I liked her a lot more by the end.

I also successfully handed off this book to a teenager as soon as I was done with it, someone looking for books with a love triangle, but called something that starts with a “d.”  So if anyone can think of a word for love triangle like that, let me know.


5 responses to “Review: Vibes

  1. Well, I’m stumped. I really likes Vibes. Great book :)

  2. That isn’t what I used to think about boobs, but now it is. She’s not only a mind reader, but she put the hypnotic suggestion in my mind!

  3. @mordicai: that’s really a prescient comment to make!

  4. @mordicai: I could tell you in person, but I don’t want to put any spoilers in the review.

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