Review: Vamps

Vamps – Nancy A Collins

Despite how gross this cover looks, I felt it was my duty to read this society-girl-vampires-in-New-York-City book.  Especially after being so dissapointed by the third installment of Blue Bloods.  And you know, I really enjoyed it.  It didn’t over-rely on its concept, but added in some new stuff along with it’s borrowing liberally from older stories. 

New York’s high society is dominated by vampires who were summoned from Hell a long, long time ago and who duked it out for control of the world.  The suriving lines have been living together and fighting amongst themselves ever since.  They reproduce like humans, and don’t live forever but for much longer than normal.  Those whose blood they suck become their undead and immortal servants.  The descendents of Van Helsing are still tracking and killing them, though they have more luck with the undead than actual vampires.  Members of families whose power has been usurped may either become servents of the more powerful family or outcast New Bloods.  Half-breeds are the children of an Old Blood and a New Blood, and there aren’t many as all education and socializing is segregated.  Cally has been passing herself off this way, when really her father is an unknown and powerful Old Blood and her mother is human.  The Van Helsings want her on their side because her Grandmother was an employee and witch and her vampire blood will allow her to pass and massacre the vampires.  But the scion of the Van Helsing line falls for her and can’t help but be up front about their intentions for her.  And she doesn’t know who her father is yet, but he’s paid for her entry into an exclusive school where she’s already made powerful enemies and unknowingly exposed her identity to her rival.

And it’s all really fun.  If you can imagine yourself watching this if it were on the CW, you’ll probably like the book.


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