Review: Twilight (the movie)

Vampire Baseball

Vampire Baseball

Is it possible to have unconflicted feelings about the Twilight juggernaut?  I was lucky to have read the first two books before it was on the cultural radar at large, and could enjoy them for what they were without feeling like I was making a statement.  And also criticize them without feeling like I was joining in on the piling on that didn’t acknowledge their appeal.  So I hate/love the books and find discussion of them endlessly fascinating. 

And so I took my husband to go see the film with me it’s second weekend (he kind of liked it, so I don’t feel too guilty).

And I think I unreservedly loved it.  It’s ridiculous and over-the-top and lots of fun, unlike the over-long book, contains no descriptive passages.  Bella is a little clutzy, but is no longer Bella-the-Clutz.  She never gets to talk about how undeserving of Edward she is, and the actress is charismatic and attractive enough to give the character some, well,  character.  Playing Edward as a manic-depressive dick was the exact right choice, and it was the first time I ever found myself attracted to him (I also had a weird dream that night about Veronica Mars being Bella Swan and maybe finding out that Edward had been cheating on her with me?).  It kept a lot of what is compelling about Meyer’s storytelling and cut out a lot of what’s obnoxious.  I’m not ready to go as far as having any confidence that the same can be done with the mope fest that is New Moon, or that the actor playing Jacob can carry that film like he does the book, but I have more hope about it than I have any right to.

One response to “Review: Twilight (the movie)

  1. Oh, plus I full on liked it. Though new director = POISON for the next one, sounds like.

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