Review: Revelations

Revelations (Blue Bloods Bk 3) – Melissa De la Cruz

In the past, I’d enjoyed this series for its interesting vampire mythology, that the elite movers-and-shakers running this country were constantly reicarnating fallen angels trying to get back into God’s good graces. So while on the surface, these are vapid socialites, really it’s Michael and Gabriel (uncorrupted but sent to help them) and Abadon and whovever else. They suck blood from humans, but responsibly. From what I hazily remember, their presence in America goes back to the Roanoke colony where they were masacred by Croatan, but not the Indian tribe? Some kind of terrible soul-sucking thing. And some of the fallen angels say screw heaven and so there’s been war for hundreds of years between the two factions. And it’s all so byzantine that I can never make sense of what’s going on from book to book and there isn’t really any recap, clumsy or otherwise. It also gets annoying that the teen-aged characters are treated like teenagers, even though they’re angels (and vampires) like their “parents.” Also, that they act like moody and irresponsible teenagers. The thrills and high concept fun had pretty much entirely evaporated for me by the time I reached the end of this book, even though Lucifer finally shows up. Maybe a few years from now when the series is finished, I’ll go back and see if it makes sense as a whole.


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