Review: Night Road

Night Road – A.M. Jenkins

I had really enjoyed Jenkins’ book Repossesed, about a demon who escapes hell and tries to live as a teenage boy.  And so I was looking forward to her new vampire-road-trip novel.  But I was completely bored by this.  There were a few nice touches and I liked how the main character, Cole, describes hemes (don’t call him a vampire, he’s a hemavore) not as being immortal but as having souls that can’t be separated from their bodies.  Cole is a sad sack and has adjusted to having killer instincts by keeping every aspect of his life under tight control.  This is portrayed well, but isn’t a topic I enjoy the exploration of.  I also don’t feel like the cover or the tagline are doing this book any favors, but am glad it’s at least out there to talk to teenage boys about when they’re looking for a non-romantic vampire story.


2 responses to “Review: Night Road

  1. Have you read Peeps by Scott Westerfeld?

  2. @ missprint: I have, and I really liked it, but it’s hard to recommend because even if I find someone who hasn’t read it, it’s hardly ever actually on the shelf. I had an older teenager come in the other day who needed a book with a “creature” in it, and when I suggested Peeps he was excited because he’d already read it and I had just given him an out from the assignment. But I at least got him to take Last Days out as well.

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