Is anyone else going to Bookfest on November 1?  I’m going to be in Carlie Webber‘s “Ripped from the Headlines” group.  Though I was torn between that and “Not Helpless: Girls Fighting Back in Graphic Novels.”  I’d already read two of the books I’m supposed to (Boy Toy and Little Brother), checked one out (Sunrise over Fallujah) and have the other two on hold (Audrey, Wait! and All We Know of Heaven.)  I might have also been tempted by the distopian “A World of Trouble” if I hadn’t disliked the only book under discussion that I’d already read (The Adoration of Jenna Fox).

For $65 you not only get lunch, but an afternoon sherry!  I would be more excited except that I’ll be at a masquerade themed wedding the night before.


4 responses to “Bookfest

  1. I feel like a bad library school student–I’ve read a total of two books up for discussion.

  2. @missprint: The only time during library school that I was able to read much fiction was when I took a class on YA lit, and read at least a book a day for my final project.

    Are you going? It’s free for staff if we go on our own time.

  3. It’s appealing but the fact that I don’t know most of the books is daunting. Have to see what the workload looks like near then in my planner.

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