Review: Arthur of Albion

Arthur of Albion – John Matthews, illus by Pavel Tatarnikov

This is a big and beautiful book.  I can’t help but think it’s the kind of thing grandparents are going to be giving as a gift and kids are going to be hopelessly bored by.  Unless it finds the right kid to be completely enchanted by it. 

It’s almost an encyclopedia of Arthurian stories, with brief descriptions of people, places and objects and then a retelling of one of the related stories.  Those retellings are what might capture children.  And the illustrations really are gorgeous, especially Tatarnikov’s Klimtian women. 

I imagine this will be most interesting to kids who have already read something about King Arthur and want to know more, or that it would make for good bedtime reading.  It’s something to enjoy in bite-sized pieces.  There is a lot of fighting and beheading and dead knights, but nothing gory or gruesome.  I love Arthurian legend, and will definitely be trying to push it on my theoretical and unborn children.  I’ll be happy to have this age-appropriate book to add to that shelf.


5 responses to “Review: Arthur of Albion

  1. I am excited this was good.

  2. I will put this on my list of things to give those theoretical grandchildren.

  3. @Sandi: no need, I got a free copy for reviewing it.

  4. that is cool. how does that work?

  5. @Sandi: I’ve gotten a couple of books through The Picnic Basket, which has publishers send out 25 copies of books in return for a review on the site. There are also other ways to get advance or free copies of books. I get lots when I go to conferences and you get lots when you’re on a prize selection committee.

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