Review: Vampire Knight Vol. 2

Vampire Knight – Matsuri Hino

I’ve heard this recommended as a Twilight read-alike, and that makes sense (and the backhandedness of the compliment is deserved).  But I’ve also heard librarians say they love it.  And that doesn’t.  I’m very aware of the fact that while I enjoy reading YA books for myself, I’m also reading them as a librarian.  And I’ve had great luck recommending books that I’ve reviewed here but haven’t liked.  I’m not every reader, and I’m not a teenager.  So I just don’t get why an adult would like this series.

The over-the-top sexual nature of the bite is the most notable feature of this volume.  And from a feminist perspective, it’s problematic.  There is an overly willing girl offering herself up to a boy who doesn’t want to succumb to his animal instincts but can’t resist.  And they talk about how it’s dirty and no one can find out.  And I’m bored.  Even if some of the artwork is pretty sexy.


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