Review: It Girl

The It Girl – Cecily von Ziegesar

I have little faith that von Ziegesar is actually writing any of these books at this point, but I had hoped that the tone and wit would find a way to continue. Sadly I can’t say they have. Maybe later in the series the characters will develop into more than broad stereotypes and there will be something meaty worth both the mockery and love shown to the Gossip Girl characters.

GG ended when everyone graduated high school, but younger sibling Jenny Humphrey is just a sophomore now. After getting pushed out of fancy Constance Billiard, she’s been accepted at Waverly Academy, an equally fancy boarding school. Starting over is not as easy as she thought and the girls here are just as manipulative as the ones she left behind, and the boys just as attracted to her large boobs.

What this book did well was in showing how a different type of rich kid acts, a more New Englandy type who wears frayed shorts and old flip flops. Whose family has a yacht, but wears the same designer bikini from five years ago. It wasn’t a bad book, just not a sparkling one.

I miss Blair, and even Serena.


2 responses to “Review: It Girl

  1. Just how well grounded in New York’s actual geography are the Gossip Girl books? Is there an actual sense of the city as a distinct place?

    Marvel used to capture the look and feel of the city amazingly well and it’s something I sort of miss, so I’m sort of interested how it comes out in other media. Very few movies ever manage it anymore, but I just realized I couldn’t think of any novels that ever had either.

  2. @peter: They’re very good at capturing New York, especially a young person’s New York. Everyone is white and at least middle class, so there is that limit to how well they capture the city, but their scope is pretty broad within those limits. In terms of geography and place, they’re very grounded in reality. A lot of YA books are set in, and do right by, the city. And like you said with Marvel, often it’s the sci-fi or speculative stuff that does a good job at capturing the indefinable essence. Things like Peeps, Kiki Strike, and Everlost.

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