Metamorphosis @ my library

Teens celebrate summer reading by cutting up books for a craft

My teen summer reading celebration was on Tuesday and I think I’ll call it a success.  I only spent $1.87 of my own money, clean up only took 15 minutes (I had help), I had a replacement for the missing iPod Nano that was to be raffled off, and there was a write-up in one of the Chinese-language newspapers.  I don’t know what it says, but there’s a photo of some of the boys playing video games.

I know I’m a bit spoiled right now because I work at a branch where the circulation is amazing and people really do read.  I wish our numbers reflected all the books that get read inside the library, but they’re pretty good as they are.  My biggest problem these days is receiving too many copies of new books, and once school starts back up there won’t be enough room for them all on the shelves.  So even if my programming numbers don’t reflect it, I work at a branch surrounded by summer readers.


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